who would wanna be such a control freak

Here We Go

Honestly not sure how much I'll update this. It's more to showcase the crack!videos I make, so there you go... Also Graphics. Also writing. Also shamelessly whoring out sites. Yay.


I Can Fly is a Future Glee AU set in 2021. The Glee kids are all officially adults, independent of Mckinley. We have a few canons still left open, including more than these above (For example, Harmony is open, the majority of the Warblers are available, Coach Beiste and most teachers are open). Of course, we do allow for original characters too, so if you wanted to play a high schooler, we’re good with that. The only season we consider undeniably canon is season one. Seasons two and three, we allow for flexibility on, and so it’s at your own decision how much you want to include (although now those seasons are wrapped it’s probably just as easy to be inclusive). Anyhoo, if you like invisionfree and you like glee rp’s, and you want somewhere that your ship thread will get mauled, come hit us up at I Can Fly

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